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Wild and Tame

19 March to 14 MAY, 2022

Wild and Tame, mixed media paintings by Jeannie Heynatz and drawings and paintings by Jennifer Ure, opened on 19 March, 2022, with a large contingent of family and friends from Melbourne and Gippsland.

The two artists have had long histories in Gippsland, specifically Moe and Newborough, but have also travelled widely and lived in diverse places in northern Australia, Asia and the Pacific. As friends they have shared interests in these cultures and environments but also enjoyed sharing their own artistic developments that have finally come together at WAS Gallery. 

“I am fortunate to have lived and worked in many ‘wild’ places of remote Australia and Papua New Guinea, and to have experienced remarkable adventures within both ocean and land environments. But while I recognise that such physical and psychological challenges are intrinsic to my way of being, such experiences would feel empty and vacuous in the absence of connection and interaction with others.

Essentially, the ‘wild and tame’ are inextricably woven.”  Jeannie Heynatz

“Originally trained in nursing and having worked in the fields of biological sciences and education, I have always had an innate fascination for the anatomy and physiology of animals, plants and the human body. Bringing this interest into my art, the evolution of my drawing skills since the early 70s has expanded from pencil and ink into a variety of paint mediums.

In my work, I endeavour to demonstrate a commitment to the subject matter and produce refined pieces of work through precise study and representation … and love of capturing the finer detail of structure and form.”  Jennifer Ure