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Pots and Prints 22

29 January to 12 March, 2022

Pots and Prints 22 at WAS Gallery featured pots by Ellinbank resident Marg McNeil-Alexandra. Marg, a longtime farmer in Ellinbank, had always worked with the earth but more recently developed a creative practice of working with clay. This is the first time she’d shown her ceramic work and the pieces reflect a strong connection with the environment and native flora. As a tree and orchard farmer, her interest in plants is no surprise, along with other creatures and subjects, many of her pots depict delicate and striking banksia, grevilla and correa motifs.

Pots and Prints 22 also featured digital prints by WAS artists Anne Lorraine and Gary McPhedran who both drew from their archives of digital images to create diverse and reflective collections. The condition of Covid sent many people reviewing the past; memories of workplaces, college days and collected images which created an intriguing snapshots of events in these two artists’ histories.

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