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19 March to 14 May, 2022

WILD AND TAME - Drawings and watercolours by Jennifer Ure and mixed media paintings by Jeannie Heynatz


Gallery 1 : Jeannie Heynatz paintings.

"For this body of work I have reflected upon the ‘wild’ and ‘tame’ elements in Nature, and how these relate to the human condition.
Just as Nature (the environment, flora and fauna) is at its most glorious when untouched, as people we are born instinctually complete (‘wild’). But as Nature is manipulated to meet man’s perceived needs, with time and imposed expectation we are ‘tamed’ by a conformity dictated by cultural and social conditioning."

Gallery 2 and 3 : Jennifer Ure drawings and watercolours.

"Originally trained in nursing and having worked in the fields of biological sciences and education, I have always had an innate fascination for the anatomy and physiology of animals, plants and the human body. Bringing this interest into my art, the evolution of my drawing skills since the early 70s has expanded from pencil and ink into a variety of paint mediums."

Both Jeannie and Jennifer are Gippslanders and have shared a long friendship.


Coming Up

WILD AND TAME  -  19 March to 14 May, 2022

Watercolours by Jennifer Ure and mixed media by Jeannie Heynatz.
Both are Gippslanders who have spent 2021 living in Darwin.



Acrylic and mixed media paintings by Linda Shaw.
Including abstract landscapes not representing any particular place but rather intending to evoke a sense of place, familiar yet unfamiliar.


COMBINED GIPPSLAND CAMERA CLUB SHOW  -  23 July to 17 September, 2022

Photos selected from camera clubs across Gippsland for their annual combined exhibition.


STILL OBJECTS  -  24 September to 19 November, 2022

Contemporary still life paintings, photo media, drawings and assemblage by artists Helen Anderson, Greg Follett, Julie Follett, Irene Proebsting and Julie Puchalski.