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13 November, 2021, to 22 January, 2022, in Galleries 1 and 2

MOMENT - Drawings by Julie Rosewarne Foster


Julie will be at WAS Gallery Thursday, 25 November and 9 December, 2021, between 11am and 4pm.

Local artist, Julie, presents a collection of artwork drawn from her studio and garden at Ellinbank.

"MOMENT: (an instant, movement, essential part)   In the studio, I can turn my back and take refuge. I give my attention to the moment: the fall of light on objects on a table, the movement of a bird in the garden, a fleeting aspect of the house or sheds that Robert built, the temperature, season and form of fruit or trees that I grow. I hope that when you view these works that they offer momentary distraction from the world’s ills. My interest is in the everyday, things that are close to me. No joyless accuracy, no tedious detail – these impressions become part memory, part meditation. Who was it that said, ‘Nostalgia isn’t what it use to be.’ I guess that’s why I try to hold onto the moment." Julie Rosewarne, 2021

13 November, 2021, to 22 January, 2022, in Gallery 3 and Hall

Aerials - Mosaics by Janet Wyllie


Janet will be at WAS Gallery Saturday, 20 November and 18 December, 2021, between 11am and 4pm.

Gippsland artist, Janet, has created aerial views of towns and cities in mosaic.

"Although I’ve not identified as being an artist, I’ve always fiddled around doing something. I spent years spinning and dying and weaving, before moving on to ceramics where I mostly used terracotta and earthenware clays to produce things for the garden. In 2012, an advertisement for a mosaic program called “The Unswept Floor” caught my eye. Serendipitously, I had just returned from a trip to Barcelona where I’d seen the work of Gaudi. I started going to the mosaic group at the Baw Baw Arts Alliance where I continue to improve my skills. In order to improve my very poor navigational skills, I spend a lot of time looking at maps and aerial views. I started with 2 mosaics of the local area about 7 years ago. I’ve continued this theme ever since then." Janet Wyllie, 2021

Coming Up

CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR - WAS Gallery will be closed for a bit of a break from 23 December, 2021, to 4 January, 2022, inclusive. Re-opening on Wednesday, 5 January with the continued shows of MOMENT and AERIALS.

POTS AND PRINTS 22 - Ceramics by Marg McNeil-Alexandra, prints by Gary McPhedran and Anne Lorraine

This exhibition opens on Saturday, 29 January and runs until 12 March, 2022.

WILD AND TAME - Watercolours by Jennifer Ure and mixed media by Jeannie Heynatz

Jennifer and Jeannie are both Gippslanders now living in Darwin. Their exhibition opens on Saturday, 19 March and closes 14 May, 2022.

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