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18 May to 13 July, 2024


FLEETING MOMENTS  by Helen Anderson and Sally D'Orsogna

Watercolour paintings by Helen Anderson. "The garden is alive with fleeting moments. Drawing and painting makes me stop, look and wonder at the ebb and flow of life all around me."

Cyanotype photographic prints by Sally D'Orsogna. "The world of cyanotypes opened up to me over the Covid years. I found myself immersed more and more in my garden. The cameraless photographic process of Cyanotypes gave me a pathway into celebrating my domestic garden as a place of solace."

Summer Lillies 2 - cyanotype printed on Khadi paper, 2024 by Sally D'Orsogna


ESSENCE OF NATURE  by the West Gippsland Plein-Air Artist collective - Jenni Chandler, Lynnette Coade, Dee Ross, Helen Timbury and Janine Wallace

En Plein-Air art in its strictest sense is a practice of creating art in a painterly or an illustrative way drawn upon a natural setting. In this current exhibition, each artist has a different creative approach to the environment in which they find themselves.

Detail of Run to the Hills - acrylic on canvas painting, 2024 by Janine Wallace

Coming Up

20 July to 14 September, 2024 - ROCK BOTTOM   By Anne Lorraine

This is Anne Lorraine's first exhibition of paintings in ten years. A collection of ink and watercolours that feature rock formations and a theme of heavy burdens.


21 September to 9 November, 2024 - ECO LOGIC COOL  By Liz Millson

Gallery 1 - Paintings and prints. A body of work investigating the apex predator's complex and instinctive role keeping ecosystems in balance.

21 September to 9 November, 2024 - CONVERSATIONS  By Ingrid Thomas

Gallery 2 and 3 - Acrylic and mixed media paintings. Ingrids work is a dialogue, where paintings begin with marks randomly made. The conversation is the result of responding to them; a back and forth between the artist and the canvas.


16 November to 21 December, 2024 - THE FEELING OF WORDS  By Anita George

Gallery 1 and 2 - Inks and acrylic on paper and canvas. Anita uses different media to express the feeling of writing. Even if the words are illegible, you are left with the emotion of what was originally thought.

16 November to 21 December, 2024 - Places I Have Been, Things That I Have Seen  By Pauline Bailey

Gallery 3 - Paintings. A collection of urban and rural landscapes along with still life paintings.