WAS Gallery logo in black

Creating WAS Gallery

37 Latrobe Street, Warragul

WAS Gallery is housed in the original farmhouse for the surrounding area. Over time the town has built up around it, so today it borders light industry and residential properties. The building is a stunning example of rural 1930s Art Deco with most of it’s original features intact. Being solid double brick, it has survived well over the years and, apart from a sympathetic rear extension, has been restored as is.

The Warragul Art Studios project commenced in 2016 but, with the usual delays and paperwork, construction didn’t begin until 2018. A new ceramics studio was constructed along with the rear extension and disabled toilet, the rest of the building had a facelift – polished floorboards, painted inside and out, plantation shutters on all the original windows but no structural repairs were required.

By mid 2019, with landscaping and driveway done, Warragul Art Studios was ready to open. Further work and setting up was completed, so WAS Gallery was able to open in February, 2020. Not such a good year to launch but in 2021 the gallery has been able to reboot and the design and ceramics studios are fully functioning.