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Rhapsody in Rust

Drypoint prints and linocuts by Amanda Thompson. “This recent work involved a renewed interest in etching and a departure from figurative images. The etchings, drypoint and relief prints revealed an ongoing concern with mark making, texture and contrast between dark and light. The multi-plate works were an experiment in forming an image by working through multiple states using one plate. The intention was to explore and interpret the varying surface details of structures that are in the process of decay. I enjoy analysing and depicting the wear and tear that nature and time inflict on man made objects such as old coal fired power stations.”

Artworks in print, paper and photography by Sharon Anderson.”Transformation: the essence of change, metamorphosis and growth. Explorations in art capture the complexity and depth of transformation which inspires change and re-imagining. The original inspiration from photographs and drawings are transformed, just as rust deteriorates, and are re-imagined in the final artworks in different mediums.”