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A Play on Paper and My Happy Place

14 January to 11 March, 2023

 A Play on Paper and My Happy Place started off the program for WAS Gallery in 2023.

A Play on Paper  was a large collection of collages by Gippsland artist, Helen Reeves. “My art is created from paper that I have painted, recycled, or have made. I’m fascinated by the interplay of colour, the intrigue of a drawn or painted line, the trace of a brush mark, and how fabric threads can enhance a surface. My training in art and textiles has led me to collages, exploring pattern, shape, and texture. Some of these works are inspired by where I live in South Gippsland, while others are a play on paper.”

Local artist, Jessie McLennan, produced My Happy Place, which included sculpture, paintings and collography. “When the stresses of life become all encompassing, my creativity shrivels away. Making art calms me and helps me to regulate my emotions. Making art reduces my feelings of anxiety. This collection of art felt good for me to make and also induces a good feeling when I see them. I primarily identify as being a sculptor, working figuratively in clay. I am also a printmaker, painter and illustrator. I often view my drawing, printing, painting and sculpture as separate aspects of my creative self. Usually I will sketch in the medium that I am using. I sketch in clay for my sculpture projects and I sketch in drypoint for my printing pieces. This collection of art reflects my eclectic creative process.”